Campaigning is in our lifeblood. We are relentlessly focused on assembling and integrating every tactic you need to achieve your objectives, deploying them efficiently and effectively to deliver results.


We bridge worlds. Foreign governments, foreign ministers, and ambassadors are entrusted to communicate with British politicians and build relationships for their home nations. Strengthening bilateral ties is essential for global peace and order. One of the core capabilities of our geopolitical team is to deepen and broaden these public diplomacy efforts.

We work in Westminster and all over the world – building capacity for governments and political parties, developing strategy and policy, and sharpening narratives to persuade voters. Whether you need to build a supporter base in London, or to bolster your team at home, our geopolitical campaigners will help you to level up.

Soft power initiatives

The professional discipline of public diplomacy yields disproportionate dividends. It is often the best way to achieve results and lasting change in terms of strategic relationships and mutual understanding. College Green Group is adept at developing forums to facilitate diplomatic engagement and influence across a wide variety of sectors – from cultural to trade.

We operate both tactically – facilitating discreet meetings and creating networks and events and at a more strategic level – building fully-fledged soft power campaigns. We craft narratives, manage delegations, and convene politicians, businessmen and diplomats to enhance causes and create impact. Clarity of communication, coupled with trusted relationships equals positive change.

Election campaigns

We build capacity with election campaign teams across the world. Plugging in external advisers can deliver the insights and capabilities you need to win. Our core competencies include deploying strategic advice on messaging and translating data and polling into actionable insights to deliver victory.

We work with in-country teams to deliver cost-effective competitive advantage seamlessly, stress-testing policy positions, narratives and slogans to motivate and mobilise voters at critical junctures. Whether you need an integrated team to work from your campaign headquarters, or discrete and independent advice delivered directly to party leaders, we provide the precision tools that can enable you to win.

NGOs and advocacy

We take great pride in deploying our capabilities to do good in the world. NGOs benefit from external counsel on crafting and deploying strategy, communications and campaigns. If your organisation is engaged in complex multilateral stakeholder relationships, we can help. Our wide-ranging experience will improve efficiency and increase effectiveness. From auditing internal communications to augmenting media relations, we can amplify the impact of your efforts and enhance your profile.

Good counsel can also maximise synergies between policy and public profile, bolstering your organisation’s standing and consolidating your position in the landscape. We are adept at working with entities that deploy their services and expertise internationally – and who would benefit from an increased share of voice and positive perception.

Equipping you for public office

If you’re getting ready to stand to become an MP or Councillor, or seeking another elected or appointed role, our team stands ready to guide you through all aspects of the process. Some clients hire us to provide an occasional sounding board, others seek a more long-term retained partner. Regardless of need, we are here to help before, during, and especially after your campaign.

We can advise you at each and every stage of your journey – from your opening pitch and speechwriting, to navigating your seat selection, through to any practical support you require in your incumbency and your post-political career. Working online or offline, our team is capable of enhancing your digital footprint, offering training, and playing a strategic managing you and your ground campaigns.

If you’re ready to talk about how we can help, contact us to find out more.

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